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And Visualization

We believe a key reason societies have failed to achieve progress overtime is not making public data useful to the public to gain knowledge of the issues we face. With knowledge comes responsibility and important information is all over the internet, right in front of us, often stored in databases or locked away behind paywalls and buried under jargon in academic papers. Therefore, this data visualization map is focused on producing free and open data as a resource for education that helps bring people to knowledge of the big problems we’re facing. 

Our map will be updated frequently, always accessible and understandable.


Highlighting notable global issues and charities helping to drive meaningful changes.

Feel free to share data with us as a community research fellow.

Community Research

Big data (BD) informs nearly every aspect of our lives and research therefore becomes a tool of empowerment. Every quarter we'll share contributions by people in the community that encourages and supports reflection on experiences and engagement with others to help us establish a knowledge base about communities facing issues unknown to the world. 

Join our community research team and share your insights.


Let us know - who you are?


What's happening in your community?

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